Cable Strap

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Adjustable cable strap to keep your shades safe from drops and falls! You can even hang them on stuff so you don’t lose them! This may be the cheapest insurance policy you will ever get! Secure your prized possessions with Zōōs! 🕶

FIT: Adjustable to ensure an optimum & secure fit. They fit a variety of sunglasses, reading glasses, and prescription glasses. Straps are 8” fully tightened and 12" fully loosened.

COMFORT: Comfortable & high quality. These things will stay comfortable all day long, after hours of use. They feel like they aren't even there! (Ahhhhh, that’s niceeeeee)

USE: Endless uses such as Fishing, Hunting, Biking, Running, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Golf, Camping, Survival, Baseball, Boating, Water Sports, Beach, Lake, probably a lot more things that we can’t think of, or normal every day use to let your glasses hang loose! 🤙🏼