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It all started a long long time ago in the 90's, but re-imagined on a beach in Mexico, 2021.....


As a kid, I grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario, in Western New York. My childhood was filled with summers at our local yacht club, participating in the junior sailing program. When I was 8, I was given my first "real" pair of sunglasses a gift from a camp counselor, and that's what started it all. From that point on, I was obsessed with sunglasses. 

For many years, I wore the cheap knock offs of big brands, and then eventually in my teens, graduated up to the real thing! In high school, I was always getting in trouble for wearing my sunglasses in class. I couldn't understand why there were so many haters.... But I persisted, and I wore my shades everywhere. 

Through the years, I spent many days, weeks, months on the water; boating was my other obsession. I sailed in some of the biggest races in the Northeast, and with that came a price. I have offered up too many pairs of $100+ glasses to the gods of the water and waves! Something big was in the works, but I just didn't know it yet!

My sunglasses obsession grew, but my bank account said otherwise, but I NEEDED them! With all of the years on boats, and getting the sun from 2 angles, the direct rays, and the glare off the water, I could not live without my shades!! The tan lines would prove it.... 

If I wasn't wearing sunglasses, I probably had a hat on most of the time, or probably even both! 

Fast Forward to early 2021, I was on vacation with my wife in Mexico, when the idea was born.... LET'S START OUR OWN BRAND! Wifey wanted some new shades, and so did I, but I didn't want to spend crazy amounts of money. over the remainder of the vacation, all I could think about was this company and this brand! FINALLY, I nailed it.... Zōōs. It all came together. Affordable sun protection for everyone!

Between the love of sunglasses, fashion, hats, and the long sleeve UPF shirts that I had been wearing for years, the gears were turning. Now, you've found yourself at, and I thank you. 



Founder - Zōōs